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Waqas Meer Ahmad

CEO of We2Lancers

Waqas Meer Ahmad is an entrepreneur, Web Developer, Engineer, and trainer. Professionally he’s expert in Web Development.
He has two aims in life:
One is to make possible education and digital technology easy and accessible for everyone.
The second he is willing to change old medical methods, to digitalize health care facilities and technology in such a way that anyone can get first aid even at home.
Waqas Meer Ahmad is empowering himself to learn new skills. After passing the matric level, he started work in the IT field.
In this nine years journey (2012-2021), he not only taught how to use technology and computers but also freelancing skills to many people in his village. He built a team of hardworking people.

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Waqas Meer Ahmad
Web Designing


I value simple content structure, clean design patterns, and thoughtful interactions.


I like to code things from scratch, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser.


I genuinely care about people, and love helping fellow designers work on their craft.

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I’m always open to discussing product design work or partnership opportunities.