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How to create a sitemap for website in 2021

how to add your wordpress website to google search console

Before jumping to our main topic How to add your WordPress website to google search console
First, let’s take a look at what is google search console? and why we submit our website to google search console.

Purpose of Adding Website to Google Search Console

Google search console and webmaster tool both names are of a similar tool. This tool is used to monitor the site’s working in search engines. It is also helpful to tell about how search engines (Google) respond to your site. In short, this free tool monitor, maintain and troubleshoot various issues on your website.

What is Google Search Console?

Webmaster tool renamed as “google search console” after the new version of the search console and with the modified user interface is an important and useful free tool. This tool acts as the medium through which you can check the indexing, crawling, and working of Google bots on the website. A website directly interacted with the search engine and users. Google Analytics is the tool that tracks user’s interaction with the website, while Google search console/webmaster tool is a tool which tells about:

  • How Google/search engine bots interact with the website.
  • Which type of information is tracking google from your site.
  • How a search engine views your website.

Google search console makes it possible about your website that Google can search and crawl your site, optimize sit’s visibility. A website reaches to public/users through search engines but, before this, it must have access to the tools and bots of search engines. When a website correctly and actively interacts with Google, then the search engine can easily index it, resultantly its optimization becomes much easy.

The Medium Between the Website and Search Engine

Google search console is a medium between the owner’s site and Google/search engine. Website owners create an account on the webmaster tool and receive information from the search engine about their site. Google/search engine index website, and show the problems and penalties in it.

Source of Site’s Management (Sitemap)

If a website optimizes once, the search engine optimization process doesn’t finish. It requires regular improvement in content and refining in the setting of the website.
what is sitemap
Google Search Console consists of tools that are helpful in the website’s management. Using its tools, you can submit and detect the XML sitemap, and you can evaluate your error.  It shows how to google index, crawl, and see the pages and URLs on the website. All this information will help you with the site’s management.
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Indicator of site’s performance

Google Search Console shows the performance in the search result of the website added in it. It reports site visibility on mobile and clicks on it. Google Search Console acts as the main way that helps you to control and optimize the site. It becomes a source to know how the site is performing. When and where it indexed and not indexed by google and what are the issues with it.
performance in google search console

Source of the site’s data

Sometimes Google Search Console data pull out and integrate by other tools e.g, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, etc. Resultantly management of errors and analysis of the site becomes easy. In this way, the most accurate information about the website’s performance is achieved.

Uses of Google Search Console

Google Search Console use for the following purposes.

  • Finding the website’s pages with the highest traffic.
  • It is used to find the highest CTR queries.
  • Identifying the average CTR of the site.
  • Time to time detecting site’s CTR
  • Detecting the impression
  • Detecting an average position in search results.
  • Finding an increase and decrease of ranking in search engines.
  • It uses to compare the search performance of the website on various gadgets e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.
  • It makes possible site performance comparisons across various countries.
  • Used to find when and where google faces errors in indexing.
  • It is used to detect how many site’s pages indexed easily.
  • It is helpful to discover why some pages easily indexed while some take much time.
  • Finding and detecting the total number of indexed pages and issues in indexing.
  • Detecting mobile usability and errors in it.
  • Finding all backlinks of the site.
  • Detecting URLs having the most backlinks and monitoring their performance.
  • Detecting from where most backlinks attach to your site.
  • Detecting internal linking of pages.
  • Suggests correctly about the site, that, how many internal links must use in it.
  • Detecting and maintaining AMP issues and errors.

Who can use google search console

People of any field, having a website, and want to improve and activate on search engines, must use this tool. If anyone has a new website, how will he connect it with google, or how google will see this website? Yes, the Google Search Console will make it possible. Every website’s owners must use it and get the best result with this free tool.

Following are possibilities who must use Google Search Console

Business Holders

If you are a business owner and have your own website, then you must get training in Google Search Console when you will, aware of its tools, you will be able to optimize it. Many new features and latest tools are offered in Google Search Console business owners must familiar with them.

Professional freelance marketer or SEO expert

If you are a freelance marketer or SEO specialist, then with Google Search Console, you will monitor your own and your client’s website. This tool will improve the site’s traffic, optimize the site’s ranking, and will make easy the appearance of the site in the search result. It provides technical information about the site and give progressive result in marketing analysis with other tools like google analytics, google trends, and Google Ads.

Website’s Admin

If you are the website’s admin Google Search Console makes possible healthy operations on your site. It will immediately monitor and solve problems in the site, security problems, website loading issues, and other server issues like this. You can use it to make the site’s search performance best. If you face any issue, it will adjust it within no time.

Website Developers

As a developer, when you develop a website Google Search Console helps you to monitor and solve problems in structured data and coding.

The action of search console on the website



Google Search Console monitor how google bots interact on our website.


If google bots face problems in interaction with a website, its pages, or URLs, then Google Search Console maintains such issues.


If a search engine trying to index your website but faille due to some issues, then the search console helps to solve all such issues and make possible search engine indexing for the website.

Google Search Console tool’s reports

  • When a website is added to Google Search Console, it possible to confirm that the search engine can detect and crawl your website.
  • Fix indexing issues and re-index the new content uploaded on site.
  • Monitor google search results and traffic data.
  • Keep the website’s owner update about the indexing, spam, and further issues on site.
  • It reports about the sites linking with your site.
  • It solves all problems with AMP, desktop and mobile usability, and search results.

Sometimes website owners want to remove the website from google search console.

How to add your WordPress website to Google Search Console

There are two methods to add your website to the google search console

  1. Domain Method
  2. URL Prefix Method

Domain method:

If a version (xyz.com) of your website or domain is added through this method, then all other subdomains or versions (http.xyz.com & https.xyz.com) of your site will be added automatically.

URL Prefix method:

In this method, all sub-domains or versions of your website will be added separately. Adding a website through this feature is more simple than the domain method.
Adding wordpress website to google search console through domain and URL Prefix method

Adding through domain feature


First of all, login into the webmaster/Google Search Console tool using your valid Gmail.
signin in google search console
Now enter your Gmail’s password


Secondly, write your website address in domain feature and click on continue.
DNS Method
Adding the record:
After this, a record will be added, for this purpose proceed with the steps as follow:


A page with a text record will open, select, and copy it.
For more information please visit Verify your property
Verify domain ownership via DNS record


Next, go to your domain provider account, then to the C-Panel of your website, select the domains option. Go to the zone editor in the domains section. Here select your domain and manage it as follows

  1. Write the name of your domain
  2. Keep TTL default
  3. In type select text
  4. In record paste address copy in step 3
  5. Click on add record

DNS Verification:
After the text record procedure, go to the page from where you copy the “text record address” and click on the verify option. Most of the time it adds immediately but sometimes it takes time to be verified.
verification of DNS
Done.? Congratulations you successfully verify your ownership on Google Search Console.

Adding website through URL Prefix Method

In this method, all versions (HTTP/HTTPS) of URL, and sub-domains of the website will be added one by one separately.
URL Prefix Method


Firstly, open your website in the browser and copy its link.
Note* When copying your website link confirm whether it have www or not.
My website doesn’t have www when I copying the URL so I write it as same it is.
Enter URL of the domain


Now HTML file will receive. It requires adding in the website’s root.

Uploading HTML file in website’s root

The HTML file will be uploaded to the website’s root. You can download the HTML file by clicking on the download option. Next, upload it to the website root’s directory.
For uploading HTML file to the website’s directory follow the steps below

  • Login to your cPanel
  • Click on file manager (if different, see where’s your website files are hosted)
  • Upload your downloaded HTML file where your website content is located.
  • Click on Verify button

Uploading HTML file to cpanel
Ownership successfully verified.

Various verification methods

There are many verification methods. You can use any one of them for verification.

  • HTML tag method
  • Google analytics method
  • Google tag manager
  • Domain name provider

HTML Tag Method

This method is commonly used. In HTML tag, copy the provided verification code and paste it into a section of your site’s homepage. When this code will become save and publish then move back to Google Search Console and click on the verify button then the process will be completed.
HTML Tag method

Google Analytics Method:

First of all, create a Google Analytics account that reports details of visitors to your site. This GA account’s tracking code that has been added in the section of your website’s home page will help in the verification process. Now you can add a tracking code by Analytics property and complete the verification.
Google Analytics Method
visit to get more information: Website verification through google analytics method

Google Tag Manager Method:

Use Google tag manager for your site. Firstly, create an account in GTM.  Secondly, Place the GTM code after the tag of your website. Now activate the view, edit, and manage options in your GTM account for your site. This method is also used as a verification method in Google Search Console.

Domain Name Provider Method

It is the method of DNS txt record verification method. It has explained in detail when discussed “adding website using domain feature of search Console”.

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